We need the
best of the best!

If you like to:

  • Talk with people

  • Have lots of energy

  • Are willing to work hard

  • Have fun at work

As we prepare for our season to begin in March 2020, Snowie of LakewayTN will be seeking team members for part-time employment to serve some great shaved ice with smiles and outstanding service.

Our pool of team members, will provide flexibility for you, and ensure we are the best at making Snowie of LakewayTN a great, reliable member of the community.

We would love to have students join our team, it would be great to have you with us throughout your time in high school or college.

Very active in school, athletics, outside interests? That’s ok. Our online scheduling will assist you in getting hours and still living life, as you should.

Not a student? Just want to supplement your income and have fun doing it? That’s great! We want to hear from you.

If interested, complete the information listed below and we will contact you for a phone interview.

Prior to an offer of employment for anyone under 18 years old, we will have a short meeting with your parent or guardian.

Please read “Our Story” before you apply.


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